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New Hampshire Murder: Murtadah Muhammad Receives Imprisonment without Bail Upon the Murder of His 7-year-old Son

A father from New Hampshire, Murtadah Muhammad faces multiple charges and is held in prison without bail for the second-degree murder of his son.

Child died after being found unconscious inside a home in Manchester

New Hampshire father Murtadah Muhammad was indicted by a grand jury of Hillsborough County with second-degree murder and first-degree assaults on his son, Jaevion Riley who died at the age of 7. 

After the brutal death of his son Riley on January 24 this year, Murtadah Muhammad gets indicted by Hillsborough County with second-degree murder after “under circumstances manifesting an extreme indifference to the value of his [Jaevion Riley] life” says New Hampshire Attorney General John M. Formella – FOX News.

Murtadah Muhammad, 25, has been charged by the grand Jury of Hillsborough County with a count of second-degree murder, two first-degree assaults, and three counts of physical evidence falsification.

This New Hampshire dad, Murtadah Muhammad, was held in custody since January after having been reported to have scalded his son with liquid and whipped the poor 7-year-old Riley with a cord. Along with these sinister acts, Murtadah Muhammad is also accused of burning the child with a hot pan and even striking him in the face.

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Prosecutors seek an extended prison sentence for Murtadah Muhammad based on the infliction of exceptional cruelty against the child.

Jaevion Riley was found unconscious inside a home on January 24, a week after the child was seen on Jan 17 on Eastern Avenue in Manchester, according to the Manchester Police Department in a report by the Boston 25 News.

Murtadah Muhammad also allegedly deleted internet data and call history from his phone corroborating with his staged false accident scene.

Murtadah Muhammad remains in prison without bail.

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