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7-Eleven Workers Deal with Attempted Robbery, Whacks Would-be Robber 25 times with a stick

An attempted robbery on a trash can full of cigarettes gets beaten 25 times by a 7-Eleven employee in Stockton.

Store racks inside 7-Eleven store |PHOTO: CTM Design

The man committing attempted robbery gets the beating out of the 7-eleven employee. “Whoop his a–!” a bystander says.

In a viral video uploaded by a social media user @yo_folkers, 7-Eleven employees from Stockton, California appears to beat a would-be-robber with a stick multiple times until the man who committed attempted robbery cries for mercy — Fox News

This attempted robbery was dealt with by the workers after brazenly stealing a trash can full of cigarettes. While some are alarmed by what happened, a bystander even said “Whoop his a–!”.

The viral video gained different reactions from the viewers. It can also be noticed in the video that the man filming it said that this attempted robbery should be taken under the insurance policy of the store

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“This is what happens when authorities won’t or can’t, enforce the law and some citizens decide they’ve had enough”- Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume tweets.

Readers have backed the workers on this on how they responded to the attempted robbery. Conservatives re-tweeted the video and said that this is what happens when rampant crimes like attempted robbery happen and progressive jurisdictions have stopped prosecuting certain offenses.

The location of this attempted robbery is not yet specifically determined, but the cameraman of the video claims it is somewhere in Stockton, California.

The police station nearby, however, has not received reports of any attempted robbery on Wednesday night – New York Post.
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