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Social Security Payments, Benefits And IRS Refunds Update For 2023

For breaking several regulations dating back to 2012, the CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) initiated action against Bank of America. The second-largest bank in America, which serves 68 million individuals and small businesses, will pay $250 million in penalties and settlement money. The bank allegedly collected garbage fees, withheld credit card benefits, and had workers … Read more

Seven-Year-Old Kyrie Barnes Was Fatally Shot Last Week, And Now His Dallas Family Is Asking For Information

Just over a week has passed since Kyrie Barnes, a 7-year-old boy who was shot in bed and eventually died from his wounds. Additionally, his family gathered for a prayer vigil on Wednesday night. What Happened? Kyrie, who was about to enter the second grade at Dallas ISD’s Pleasant Grove Elementary School, was the middle … Read more

7 Explosives Set Detonated In Mexico As A Drug Cartel “Trap” Kill 4 Police Officers And 2 Civilians, According To Officials

Four police officers and two civilians were murdered in a coordinated sequence of seven roadside bombings in western Mexico, authorities said on Wednesday. The explosions, according to the governor of the state of Jalisco, were “a trap” constructed by the cartel to murder law enforcement officers. What Happened? The late-night explosions in the municipality of … Read more

Stimulus Checks 2023: You Can Receive Upto $1400 As Direct Payment

Congress authorized the issuance of three stimulus funds totaling $931 billion between April 2020 and December 2021 to assist qualified individuals and families throughout the pandemic. The majority of those earning less than $75,000 or married individuals earning less than $150,000 were eligible for the relief funds. 2021 Recovery Rebate Credit As of December 31, … Read more