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Seven-Year-Old Kyrie Barnes Was Fatally Shot Last Week, And Now His Dallas Family Is Asking For Information

Just over a week has passed since Kyrie Barnes, a 7-year-old boy who was shot in bed and eventually died from his wounds. Additionally, his family gathered for a prayer vigil on Wednesday night.

What Happened?

Kyrie, who was about to enter the second grade at Dallas ISD’s Pleasant Grove Elementary School, was the middle child of three children.

He was a unique baby, according to Danielle Brown, his mother. “Always joyful and grinning. Just my tiny man, that’s all. He was a Spider-Man fan. Red was his colour of choice.

According to Brown, they started getting pumped up for the Fourth of July on July 2. They were never able to celebrate it, though. She replied, “I mean, this shouldn’t happen to anyone’s kids; he’s just an innocent kid.”

According to Dallas police, gunshots was heard outside his family’s apartment in the 8000 block of Rothington Road at 9 p.m. that evening.

Kyrie Passed Away

Brown said that her kid was playing on his phone at the foot of the bed when a bullet ripped straight through their wall and struck the family. It was simply wild.

After being admitted to the hospital in severe condition, Kyrie passed away. Brown has highlighted that no suspect has been named despite the fact that she has received support throughout this period.

Brown and the rest of her family are currently collaborating with “No More Violence” to raise awareness about gun violence. The foundation will organise a conference the following week and provide services and assistance to families of victims of shootings.

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