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US Man Uses Apple AirTag To Track Stolen Truck, Shooting Suspected Thief

The family was able to track down the automobile and ultimately locate it in the parking lot of a local shopping mall thanks to a concealed AirTag inside the truck. From the man’s Northside residence, his car was taken.

Who Is The Suspect?

Although technology has made life simpler, a recent incident in the United States has demonstrated that it may even help the average person track down feared criminals.

According to a CBS News story, one of the truck’s owners, who had followed the car using an Apple AirTag, shot and killed a guy who was suspected of stealing a truck from a residential area in San Antonio, Texas.

In a press conference, San Antonio Police Department spokesperson Nick Soliz informed the media that the car was taken from in front of a Northside residence at around 1 p.m. local time. The truck was tracked by three family members to a strip mall parking lot in San Antonio’s Southside district using an AirTag.

They seemed to have attempted to confront the person they spotted in their car, according to Mr. Soliz. However, Mr. Soliz said that one of the family members tried “to contact the suspect in the truck.” The full circumstances surrounding the shooting are unknown to the authorities.

What Did The Victim Says?

Soliz stated, “At this time, it’s thought that only the victim of the stolen vehicle fired shots.” The theft suspect, 30, was subsequently pronounced dead. His identify wasn’t made known right away.

The second instance of such tracking using Apple’s AirTag is known. Using Apple’s AirTag, a guy in the United States who had just misplaced his bags at the airport was astonished to see the suspected burglar wearing his clothes.

Jameel Reid observed that the luggage carousel didn’t contain his bags as he was flying from Los Angeles to Atlanta, Georgia. After a half hour it became clear that his baggage was not coming and he concluded that someone may have already taken it. He said that the contents in his suitcase were valued roughly $3,000 (Rs 2.4 lakh).

I’m heading to baggage claim and everything like that. I’m making an effort to locate my bags. I’ve been standing there for about 30 minutes. I can’t see it. I eventually got my phone out, and now my suitcase has an Air Tag,” he told WSB-TV.

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