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Comer Downplays Role of Indicted Informant in Biden Impeachment Probe

Comer Supports Investigation into Claims by Smirnov

Challenges and Continuation of Impeachment Inquiry

(PHOTO: Comer Downplays Role of Indicted Informant in Biden Impeachment Probe)

According to New York Post, James Comer, the House Oversight Chair, expressed his support for examining claims made by Alexander Smirnov, an FBI informant charged with making false statements. Comer believes these accusations though unverified, are sufficient grounds for an investigation into the President Joe Biden family’s business practices. Smirnov suggested that the Bidens were involved in bribery schemes although his allegations have not been substantiated.

Reports of Burisma Holdings bribing Joe and Hunter Biden for $10 million through FD-1023 have been questioned and lack solid evidence. Republicans sought access to Smirknov’s FD-1023 eventually released by Senator Grassley leading to criticism from Democrats. President Joe Biden called for the impeachment inquiry against him to end due to an investigation by Comer alleging foreign influence-peddling. Due to new accusations about Smirnov, Representative Jamie Raskin believes that the impeachment investigation has essentially concluded. Despite acknowledging the seriousness of the FD-1023 allegations, Representative Comer maintains that the committee will diligently investigate all leads.

Representative Smirnov’s accusation against James Comer exposed prejudiced messages against Joe Biden and the spread of false information about Hunter Biden, which had already been refuted. Nevertheless, Comer continues to downplay the significance of Smirnov’s testimony in the House impeachment inquiry. During his vice presidency, a Republican from Kentucky mentioned Jason Galanis, a convicted scam artist interviewed by congressional aides. Galanis asserted that Hunter Biden had the ability to eternally influence a person’s access.

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Key Witnesses and Testimony in GOP’s Efforts Against President Joe Biden

Tony Bobulinski, who was once in business with Hunter Biden, spoke to congressional committees concerning interactions with Chinese energy company CEFC. He is considered a significant witness for the Republican Party. However, Representative Comer, a member of the House Republicans, admitted the challenges they face in trying to impeach President Joe Biden.

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden’s son will face questioning by House committees. The testimony follows last week’s testimony from James Biden, the president’s brother, who denied any involvement or financial interest by the president in his business dealings.

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