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Shooting in Thomas County: Grand Jury Rules Agents Justified in Fatal Shooting of 19-Year-Old

Photo from WTXL

Following the fatal shooting in Thomas County of 19-year-old Alfred Cole Jr. by two drug agents, a grand jury has deemed their actions justified, according to a report from WCTV. The incident occurred during a pursuit in Thomasville on August 2, prompting scrutiny over law enforcement’s response.

Shooting in Thomas County: Grand Jury Rules Agents Justified in Fatal Shooting of 19-Year-Old (Photo: WCTV)

Shooting in Thomas County: Agents’ Actions Deemed Justified

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation reported that agents attempted to stop Cole’s vehicle, which matched the description of a car driving erratically. After a PIT maneuver, Cole exited the vehicle with a handgun, leading to the agents firing their weapons, hitting Cole nine times out of 14 shots fired.

While Cole’s family called for transparency and the release of body camera footage, it was revealed that the agents were not wearing body cameras, violating department policy. However, the grand jury determined that this violation did not impact the investigation’s outcome.

Thomas County Sheriff’s Office Captain Steven Jones defended the agents’ actions, stating they acted to protect themselves and others. He emphasized the difficulty of making life-or-death decisions in such situations and reiterated law enforcement’s commitment to de-escalation whenever possible.

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Shooting in Thomas County Family’s Response and Legal Options

Despite the grand jury’s ruling, Cole’s family continues to seek answers and transparency. Their calls for the release of body camera footage remain unanswered, leaving them dissatisfied with the investigation’s conclusion.

District Attorney Brad Shealy noted that while the criminal case is closed, Cole’s family retains the option to pursue civil redress in court. The family’s pursuit of justice may extend beyond the grand jury’s decision, highlighting the ongoing impact of Cole’s death on his loved ones.

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