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Russian Drone Pilots Hit in HIMARS Attack; Location Leak Blamed

Photo from Newsweek

In a recent report by Newsweek Magazine, a HIMARS strike on Russian drone pilots in Ukraine’s Donetsk region has sparked controversy, with blame directed at a leaked location. Kyiv’s forces targeted the Sudoplatov group near Ilovaisk, allegedly after coordinates were shared carelessly. Pro-Kremlin blogger Vladimir Romanov reported on Telegram that the HIMARS attack resulted in casualties among the drone operators.

Photo from Newsweek

Careless Sharing of Coordinates Leads to HIMARS Attack

Russian blogger Romanov revealed that Sudoplatov drone operators claimed to have been targeted due to the group’s head sharing coordinates on their positions via a bot for training purposes.

The HIMARS strike reportedly caused fatalities among the drone operators, highlighting the risks associated with sharing sensitive information.

Sudoplatov’s management is allegedly attempting to downplay the situation in the aftermath of the attack.

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24 Russian Servicemen Killed in HIMARS Attack

VChK-OGPU, claiming insider information, reported 24 Russian servicemen killed and four wounded in the HIMARS strike on the military training ground.

The incident, reportedly striking from a HIMARS rocket system, has not been officially acknowledged by either Russia or Ukraine.

The U.S. has donated 39 HIMARS to Ukraine as part of military aid packages amid the ongoing conflict.

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