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Legendary musician and Killing Joke guitarist Geordie Walker dies at age 64

The music world mourns the loss of Kevin “Geordie” Walker, the esteemed guitarist of the renowned English post-punk band Killing Joke. Geordie, aged 64, passed away after suffering a stroke.

Walker’s close friend Luca Signorelli broke the sad news on Facebook, saying he got a call informing him that Geordie had passed away in Prague after suffering a massive stroke the previous Friday. Drummer for Killing Joke Martin Adkins verified the news on social media, posting an emotional “Gutted” on X (previously Twitter) and mourning the departure of “Geordie Walker” on Instagram.

Geordie’s Musical Journey

Geordie, nicknamed for his Newcastle accent, became a founding member of Killing Joke in 1979. His distinctive guitar style contributed significantly to the band’s unique sound. Jaz Coleman, the singer, explained the band’s name in a 1979 interview, likening it to people laughing at themselves, much like a soldier questioning the purpose of war.

Legacy in Industrial Rock

Killing Joke played a pivotal role in popularizing industrial rock, describing their sound as “tension music,” a fusion of goth, industrial, and post-punk influences. Geordie’s unconventional guitar playing earned praise from legends like Jimmy Page and Kevin Shields. The band’s influence extended to iconic acts such as Metallica, Nirvana, Nine Inch Nails, Soundgarden, and Jane’s Addiction.

Continued Musical Journey

Geordie Walker remained a consistent force in Killing Joke alongside Jaz Coleman, and the band continued releasing music with various lineups. In 2008, they reunited with founding members Paul Ferguson and Youth. Last year, they released the EP “Lord of Chaos” and their 2015 album “Pylon.”


The passing of Geordie Walker marks the end of an era in post-punk and industrial rock, leaving a legacy that has inspired generations of musicians.



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