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Urgent Calls for Action in Response to Alarming US Extreme Weather Events Report

A new study, released on November 21 by the US government, confirms that despite efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, extreme weather events linked to climate change are becoming more severe. The report calls for urgent nationwide actions to mitigate potentially devastating consequences.

Dangerous Discoveries and an Immediate Call to Action

The Fifth National Climate Assessment follows a series of extreme weather events, including wildfires and floods. Required by the Global Change Research Act, the report reveals an unprecedented increase in such events over thousands of years. It warns of significant changes in temperature, sea levels, ocean acidity, and rainfall patterns, impacting the entire country.

Growing Expenses and Inequality

The report estimates the annual cost of extreme weather events to the US, with the frequency of billion-dollar disasters rising from one every four months to one every three weeks. It emphasizes the disproportionate impact on minority groups, predicting worsening effects that will heighten inequality and threaten infrastructure, agriculture, and water supplies.

Change in Climate Caused by Humans

Attributing extreme weather unequivocally to human-induced greenhouse gas emissions, the report recommends additional measures such as expanding renewable energy use, transitioning to zero-carbon transportation, improving urban planning, and enhancing food production efficiency. Restoration of coastal ecosystems and afforestation to reduce atmospheric carbon emissions is also suggested.

Government Response and Climate Agenda

The White House, acknowledging the robust scientific findings, highlighted its climate agenda and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. With a goal of achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, the administration announced over $6 billion in investments to enhance community resilience. These investments span conservation, infrastructure, and various sectors, reflecting a commitment to addressing climate change impacts.


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