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London Man Jailed for Wife’s Murder, Falsely Blames Son, Mirrors Netflix Thriller

A man has been sentenced to a minimum of 29 years in jail for the murder of his wife in Brixton, South London, after falsely accusing his son of the heinous act, resembling a scene from the popular Netflix series “You.”

London Man Jailed for Wife's Murder, Falsely Blames Son, Mirrors Netflix Thriller
London Man Jailed for Wife’s Murder, Falsely Blames Son, Mirrors Netflix Thriller

Amidu Koroma, a 48-year-old delivery driver, was found guilty of fatally stabbing his wife, Mariam Kamara, a 46-year-old community nurse, four times in her face, neck, and chest. He then set their family home ablaze using petrol to cover up the crime in January 2022.

During the trial at the Old Bailey, it was revealed that Koroma blamed their 19-year-old son, Ishmael, for the murder, falsely accusing him of re-enacting a scene from the Netflix series “You,” despite the son being asleep at the time of the incident.

The court uncovered a “toxic” relationship between Koroma and Kamara, with the victim expressing fears to friends that he might kill her. Koroma was apprehensive that Kamara would leave him for another man she had developed a relationship with in Sierra Leone.

Judge Rebecca Poulet KC sentenced Koroma to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 29 years, emphasizing that he had meticulously planned the murder to prevent Kamara from traveling to Sierra Leone. The judge denounced Koroma’s attempt to shift blame onto his son as “particularly cruel and unpleasant.”

Koroma’s attempt to mislead investigators by initially claiming to have been asleep on the sofa and later implicating his son was refuted during the trial. The victim’s son, Ishmael, denied the accusations, highlighting the impact of his mother’s death on his trust in others.

The prosecution revealed that a post-mortem examination confirmed Kamara died from stab wounds before the fire started. Detectives described the murder as a brutal act of violence against a woman.

The case shed light on the tragic consequences of domestic abuse and the devastating impact it can have on families, leading to a young man facing the loss of his mother and a father sentenced for a crime he falsely pinned on his innocent son.

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