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Yonkers Police Chase Leads to Serious Crash and Hospitalization of 4 Individuals

A police chase that resulted in a serious crash when Yonkers police were pursuing a driver known for fleeing traffic stops.

Yonkers Police Chase Ends in Serious Crash, Four Hospitalized and Suspect at Large (Photo: News 12)

Yonkers Police Chase Ends in Serious Crash

News 12 Hudson Valley – A Yonkers police chase took a dangerous turn on Tuesday, resulting in a serious crash that left four individuals hospitalized, according to local authorities. The incident unfolded around 4 p.m. when Yonkers police officers initiated a Yonkers police chase of a driver known for evading traffic stops. As the Yonkers police chase progressed, the suspect made a sudden and sharp left turn from Riverdale Avenue onto Radford Street, prompting the pursuing Yonkers police officers to follow suit.

However, during the turn onto Radford Street, the Yonkers police officers seemed to lose control of their vehicle due to the intensity of the Yonkers police chase. This resulted in striking a curb before colliding with an oncoming Porsche. The impact of the collision left both Yonkers police officers and the two occupants of the Porsche with injuries.

Thankfully, reports indicate that all four individuals involved in the crash were hospitalized and are currently in stable condition as of Tuesday evening, according to the police.

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Suspect Escapes After Yonkers Police Chase

According to Haystack News, the suspect who initiated the Yonkers police chase managed to elude capture and remains at large. Yonkers authorities are continuing their dedicated efforts to locate and apprehend the fleeing driver throughout the ongoing Yonkers police chase.

The incident underscores the risks and challenges that law enforcement officers face in attempting to apprehend individuals who attempt to evade the law. As the investigation into the crash and the pursuit unfolds, the Yonkers Police Department is committed to ensuring the safety of the community and bringing the suspect to justice.

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