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Salary Expectation: American Workers Expect $79,000 Salary To Accept A New Job

 A $79000 is the salary expectation of American workers for new jobs.

Salary Expectation: American Workers Expect $79,000 Salary To Accept A New Job (Photo: Financial Times)

American workers’ salary expectation for a new job reached their highest point of close to US$79000 in July. 

According to a survey conducted by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and released on August 21 that also revealed that womens salary expectation are increasing twice as quickly as mens, the salary expectation for American workers has increased to a record high of almost $79000 in that country.

The New York Fed said that the lowest yearly wage respondents would be ready to accept for a new job increased rising to $78645 from $62194 in July 2019 and $72873 in July 2022.

Men sought an average salary expectation of $91048 compared to women’s salary expectation of $66,068.

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Jerome Powell the chairman of the Federal Reserve stated in June that reducing wage inflation was crucial to achieving the central bank’s 2% inflation target. 

The consumer price index increased from 3% in June to 3.2% in July. 

According to the New York Fed, there is unquestionably a difference between the average $69475 that employees took home over the previous four months and the $78645 a year that people’s salary expectation to change careers. Employees were doing far better than the average $60764 they earned a year ago despite the disparity. 

The wage growth indicator from the Atlanta Fed increased by 0.1% from June to 5.7% in July. It increased from 6.1% in June to 6.4% in July for those who changed occupations. The tracker for those staying in their current occupations was 5.4%, unchanged from June.

According to the analysis the percentage of people who had been looking for work in the preceding four weeks dropped from 24.7% to 19.4%, and the possibility that they would move occupations decreased from 11% to 10.6%.

The likelihood of receiving numerous job offers in the coming four months decreased from 25.7% to 20.6% on average, while expectations of receiving a new job offer fell from 21.1% to 18.7% according to the New York Fed.

The statistics also revealed that 3.9% of respondents, the highest percentage since March 2020 and an increase from 2.3% in July 2022,anticipate to be unemployed.

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