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Possibility of War with Iran and US looms as Marines on Gulf Vessels Caught Iran in Surprise

War with Iran and US might be possible as Biden takes on a dangerous path by showing signs to Saudis whose back is watched over by Washington.

US-Iran conflict possible to worsen as US Military sets out in Persian Gulf (Photo: Military.com)

As US Marines station in Persian Gulf, war with Iran and US might spark as Iran’s operation to seize oil tankers in the region is being thwarted.

Biden’s administration action may chart a dangerous path as this might cause war with Iran and US. Oil tankers in the region are being seized by Iran but U.S. Marines and sailors are now stationed on commercial vessels eyed by the said seizing — Responsible Statecraft.

Although this might be a perilous journey, opinions have loomed from experts that Biden leads the American people to be in the verge of war with Iran and US.

Iran has undoubtedly regarded their fair share of problems in the talks that took place before but this strategy of Biden likened with Trump’s pressure strategy, a possible war with Iran and US is at large.

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Biden beefs up US military presence in the Persian Gulf to prevent Iran’s actions which also begun due to his past decisions, which might lead to a war with Iran and US.

The Jerusalem Post — A security pact has been requested by Saudi in order to abide with the agreement on normalizing Israel and abandon Palestinians. While Biden might not wisely go for that move, a possible commitment of war with Iran and US might be shown in order to prove their intentions.

Mohammed Bin Salman might be prompted by Biden’s move in stations US marines in oil tankers about its serious plan of defending Saudi Arabia against Iran, despite the fact this might lead to a war with Iran and US.

Above all this, it is interesting to note that MBS impressively played Biden upon sparking a war with Iran and US. Needless to say, this leads to Americans enjoy a short straw of living with the fact of possible getting war with Iran and US.

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