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First Contact with Aliens? Possibilities revealed as UFO Explorations and Cover-up by the Government, Whistleblower says

As the House subcommittee on National Security, the Border, and Foreign Affairs delves into the realm of unidentified anomalous phenomena – UFOs – testimonies from military officers about potential national security threats have ignited discussions on the possibility of humanity’s first contact with aliens.

First Contact with Aliens might lead to genocide if humans do not learn from past actions (Photo: Yahoo News)

As 2023 unfolds, humanity is caught in a whirlwind of potential first contact with aliens civilizations.

The Conversation — Despite the lack of concrete physical evidence, scholars propose that the mere act of investigating these phenomena signifies humanity’s initial step towards first contact with aliens.

From presidential directives to leaked Navy pilot footage, whispers of government cover-ups, and clandestine agencies collecting UFOs, the stage is set for a seismic paradigm shift as this possible human’s first contact with aliens loom..

A meeting held by the House subcommittee on National Security, the Border, and Foreign Affairs in July further fanned the flames, as military officers testified about the national security implications of unidentified aerial phenomena, which might lead to humanity’s first contact with aliens.

Yet, amid the excitement, experts warn that lessons from history must guide our journey into this possibility of first contact with aliens.

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Diverse perspectives converge on the question of who should oversee such monumental contact.

While military and scientific communities naturally play roles in discovering the possibility of humanity’s first contact with aliens, the influence of corporations looms, potentially spurred by the Commercial Space Launch Competitiveness Act of 2015 — Space.com.

The ethereal echoes of the Berkeley SETI Research Center’s collaborative transdisciplinary workshop resonate, highlighting the need for an ethical compass and an expanded notion of intelligence in this unfolding cosmic narrative of humanity’s first contact with aliens.

However, drawing from the annals of colonial history, scholars caution against undue assumptions of superiority. The story of James Cook’s voyage and its unintended consequences looms large, urging SETI and its stakeholders to contemplate the true dimensions of the first contact with aliens and to establish ethical protocols that honor the profundity of the endeavor as we delve in this first contact with aliens.

As humanity stands at the precipice of its most extraordinary first contact with aliens, the lessons of the past beckon us to tread with mindfulness and respect.

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