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China’s Perspective on the US Presidential Election: Trump vs Biden

As the US election approaches, China watches closely, considering its preferences between Trump vs Biden. Trump’s tariff-driven trade war intensified tensions and unpredictability.

US Presidential Election: Trump vs Biden (Photo: Bloomberg)

Trump vs Biden, and the Newsom Factor in the US Election

South China Morning Post – as the upcoming US presidential election draws closer, China closely watches the developments in Washington with keen interest. Both the Trump and Biden administrations, each representing distinct approaches and policies, have brought about shifts in Sino-US relations, prompting Beijing to assess its preferences between Trump and Biden. While the Obama era saw China’s desire to challenge American dominance gaining a critical assessment, it was during Trump’s tenure that escalating tensions via a trade war became a defining feature of the Trump vs Biden dynamic.

Trump’s aggressive stance toward China, marked by tariffs and a trade war, not only exacerbated bilateral tensions but also inflicted economic pain on American producers and consumers. The unpredictable nature of Trump’s decision-making and his potential for further escalation, especially given his second-term freedom from re-election constraints, adds an air of uncertainty to China’s calculations regarding Trump vs Biden. Despite Trump’s confrontational approach, his administration’s policies often aligned with the Republican Party’s stance against China, suggesting that future Republican leaders may also adopt such an approach in the Trump vs Biden context.

On the other hand, President Biden, while not being overtly China-friendly, has maintained certain measures from the Trump era, such as tariffs and export restrictions on key technologies. However, recent developments indicate a shift towards diplomacy, with senior US officials engaging in constructive talks with Chinese counterparts in the context of Trump vs Biden. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s communication with China regarding new investment rules showcases a willingness for détente without naivety in the Trump vs Biden narrative. Biden’s established personal relationship with President Xi Jinping, dating back to his vice-presidential years, contrasts with Trump’s unpredictability and could favor the Democrats in Beijing’s eyes in the Trump vs Biden comparison.

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US-China Supply Chain Shifts and Trump, Biden Shared Aspects

According to Yahoo News, the transition from Trump to Biden in the Trump vs Biden scenario didn’t halt the US’s pursuit of supply chain transformation away from China. Both Trump and Biden aimed to bolster self-reliance, but the approach of economic “decoupling” has economists concerned about unintended consequences within the Trump vs Biden spectrum.

While Trump’s tariff strategy to reduce the trade deficit fell short, Biden maintained those measures and introduced tax incentives to lure manufacturing back home in the Trump vs Biden context. His focus on national security also led to bans on advanced tech sales to China, blurring the lines between economic competition and safeguarding military advantage in the Trump vs Biden debate. As the US, within the framework, continues its quest for self-sufficiency, finding the equilibrium between economic resilience and security imperatives will be a pivotal challenge in the Trump vs Biden comparison.

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