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Social Security Payments, Benefits And IRS Refunds Update For 2023

For breaking several regulations dating back to 2012, the CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) initiated action against Bank of America. The second-largest bank in America, which serves 68 million individuals and small businesses, will pay $250 million in penalties and settlement money. The bank allegedly collected garbage fees, withheld credit card benefits, and had workers construct unauthorized customer accounts, according to the CFPB & the OCC (Comptroller of the Currency). The impacted consumers will receive $100 million in compensation from Bank of America.

Choices Of The Farmers

As Farmers leave the state, 100,000 Floridians might no longer have access to home insurance. Farmers Insurance offered a 90-day notice before it stopped selling new regulations in Florida & stopped renewing ones that were already in place. The choice was chosen out of necessity to control exposure to risk in a low-lying, hurricane-prone state. It is merely the most recent insurer in the Sunshine Nation to discontinue providing home insurance. The third most expensive hurricane in US history, Hurricane Ian, made landfall in late September of last year in the state. Farmers’ choice was based on paying for the expenditures associated with both that disaster and Hurricane Nicole.

The average retiree payment jumped to $1,827 this year as a result of the cost-of-living adjustment’s 8.7% increase, the SSA reported in January. When a person reaches full retirement age (67), they are eligible for a maximum benefit of $3,627. Those who take early retirement before reaching full retirement age are paid less. Delaying retirement results in higher payments, though. The maximum monthly benefit for those who retire at age 62 is $2,572, while the maximum monthly benefit for those who take retirement at the age of 70 or later is $4,555.

Consumer Prices Rise At Slowest Pace Since March 2021

The latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics released Wednesday morning show that consumer prices rose at the slowest pace since March 2021 as inflation showed further signs of cooling in June. The Consumer Price Index rose 0.2% over last month and 3% over the prior year in June, a slight acceleration from May’s 0.1% month-over-month increase but a slowdown compared to the month’s 4% annual gain, per Yahoo Finance. Both measures were slightly better than economist forecasts of a 0.3% month-over-month increase and a 3.1% annual increase.

Services Provided By The Children’s Health Insurance Programme (CHIP)

The two biggest federal health insurance programs in the United States are Medicare and Medicaid, albeit they are not the only ones. The Children’s Health Insurance Programme, a well-liked initiative in the US, also offers infants medical insurance. Since 1997, it starts, CHIP has been a key factor in lowering the number of uninsured children in the US. It has enhanced the general well-being of millions of youngsters by giving them access to low-cost healthcare services.

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