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Utah Companies Lead the Way in Successful Disability Initiatives

Employer-driven disability initiatives are proving to be a win-win scenario for both individuals with disabilities and the companies that implement them. Recent research published in the Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation sheds light on the key factors that contribute to the success of these initiatives, with a focus on companies in Utah. Led by Dr. Brian … Read more

Dispute Erupts Over Alleged Burglary in Utah Parenting Blogger’s Home

Springville, Utah – A recent police report has shed light on a dramatic incident involving Ruby Franke, a Utah parenting blogger, and her husband, Kevin Franke, who allegedly wanted their oldest daughter, Shari Franke, charged with burglary. This revelation comes in the wake of child abuse charges filed against Ruby Franke and her business partner, … Read more

Tragic Plane Crash Claims the Lives of North Dakota Senator Doug Larsen and Family

North Dakota Senator Doug Larsen, along with his wife Amy and their two young children, tragically lost their lives in a plane crash in Utah. This devastating incident has left a void in both the political and personal lives of the Larsen family. Fatal Crash Details The small plane they were traveling in crashed shortly … Read more

Study Suggests Buried Object with Magnetic Anomalies in Australia Might Indicate Utah-Sized Asteroid Crater

A recent study has unveiled intriguing findings of buried objects exhibiting magnetic anomalies in Australia, prompting speculation about the existence of a colossal asteroid crater comparable in size to Utah. The discovery offers fresh insights into Earth’s ancient history and the potential impact of significant celestial events on our planet’s landscape. Recent Study Sheds Light … Read more