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IRS Adjusts 2024 Tax Brackets to Combat Bracket Creep, Potentially Boosting Refunds for Taxpayers in the US

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has announced adjustments to the tax brackets for the 2024-2025 tax season, aiming to address the issue of bracket creep caused by inflation. These adjustments could lead to larger refunds for taxpayers across the United States. The IRS’s annual inflation adjustments report reveals a 5.4% increase in income thresholds for … Read more

Washington Launches Working Families Tax Credit Program for 2023 Tax Season

Washington state residents have a chance to benefit from the Working Families Tax Credit Program, aimed at providing additional financial support during tax season. Eligible individuals and families can now apply for the tax year 2023, with potential refunds of up to $1,255. Last year, the program distributed over $100 million to Washingtonians, benefiting nearly … Read more

Walgreens in Massachusetts Accidentally Charges Tax on Grocery Essentials, Urges Customers to Check Receipts for Refunds

In an unfortunate incident, Walgreens locations in Massachusetts have mistakenly charged tax on certain grocery items, prompting a call for customers to check their receipts for potential refunds. Groceries are generally exempt from taxation in the Bay State, with only specific baked goods falling under taxable categories. Consumer advocate Edgar Dworsky brought attention to the … Read more