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Top Happiest Cities in US—Revealed!

Check out the top happiest cities in US.

America’s Happiest Cities—Revealed! (Photo: Town & Country Magazine)

While money cannot always buy happiness, recent data reveals that moving to a new place may result in an improved quality of life. The environment, wealth, community, and general well-being of its residents differ widely among American cities.

According to research, money can lead to happiness in certain instances. Even at an annual income of $80,000, a 2021 study from the University of Pennsylvania found a correlation between satisfaction and income growth.However, earlier studies indicated that after a person received $75,000, their level of happiness remained static. Since some cities have better economic prospects and a higher standard of living than others, not all locales can provide the same amount of happiness.

The 200 biggest cities in America were examined by SmartAsset, of which 164 had data available, to determine the top happiest cities in US. In this investigation, personal finances, wellbeing, and quality of life were examined together with 13 other measures.

The top happiest cities in US list for 2023 was dominated by California with Fremont, California taking the top spot for the second consecutive year. This is supported by a recent WalletHub study that looked at indicators connected to happiness to identify the top happiest cities in US with the happiest citizens. Even though the United States only comes in at number 16 on the World’s Happiness Report, the report claims that some American towns nevertheless offer their citizens a very high standard of living.

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Here are the top happiest cities in US.

CA, Sunnyvale

Sunnyvale, California ranks best on the list of top happiest cities in US for wellbeing and quality of life. The city has the fifth-highest marriage rate (56.8%), the third lowest percentage of adults living in poverty approximately 5%, the largest percentage of residents earning $100000 or more and the lowest percentage of adults with no children in the list of top happiest cities in US. With about 149 violent offenses per 100000 people, the neighborhood has a low violent crime rate.

Washington, DC

Arlington, Virginia places in the top happiest cities in US among the top seven in each of the three areas examined (personal finances, wellbeing, and quality of life), with the former category accounting for the top happiest cities in US’ highest ranking. To be more precise, 48% of Arlington’s citizens make $100,000 or more every year. Furthermore, living expenses account for less than 35% of the typical household income.

CA, Fremont

Fremont, California, comes in third place for both its high percentage of residents who make $100,000 or more per year (55.4%) and its cheap cost of living in relation to income (32.17%) in the list of top happiest cities in US. In addition, the city is ranked No. 2 for its marriage rate (61.6%) and the proportion of persons who live in poverty (4.9%).

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