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Mysterious Monolith Appears Near Gass Peak in Nevada Desert

A mysterious monolith has appeared near Gass Peak in the Nevada desert, catching the attention of Las Vegas Metro Police and local hikers.

Discovery and Location

Las Vegas Metro Police announced on Monday via social media that a reflective object resembling a monolith was discovered close to Gass Peak, a prominent hiking area in the Las Vegas range of Southern Nevada. The peak, standing nearly 7,000 feet tall, is located approximately 20 miles north of Las Vegas. The object was found by the Las Vegas search and rescue team during their operations in the area.

Mysterious Monolith Appears Near Gass Peak in Nevada Desert
Source: CBS News

The authorities expressed surprise at the appearance of the monolith, stating that it was an unusual find amidst their usual encounters with hikers who were unprepared for weather conditions and insufficiently equipped with supplies. They emphasized the importance of taking precautions before hiking, such as checking the weather forecast, carrying extra provisions like water and food, and ensuring one has a light source and a fully charged phone.

Similar Incidents in Recent Years

This is not the first time a monolith has mysteriously appeared in different parts of the world. Earlier this year, a 10-foot-tall monolith, described as resembling a UFO, appeared on a hill in Wales, leaving locals and authorities puzzled about its origin. In 2020, an unexplained structure was discovered in a remote area of southeastern Utah, sparking global intrigue. Similar monoliths also surfaced in Romania, Colorado, and California that year, leading many to speculate whether these were art installations inspired by the monolith in the movie “2001: A Space Odyssey.”

Police Advice for Hikers

Las Vegas Metro Police took the opportunity to remind hikers and outdoor enthusiasts to be well-prepared before embarking on hikes, especially in remote and rugged terrains like Gass Peak. They highlighted the following safety measures:

  • Checking the weather forecast before heading out.
  • Bringing extra supplies such as first aid kits, water, and food.
  • Carrying a light source for visibility in case of low light conditions.
  • Ensuring that mobile phones are fully charged before leaving.

The discovery of the monolith near Gass Peak adds to the mystery surrounding these installations, prompting curiosity and speculation about their origins and purpose. As investigations into its appearance continue, local authorities are encouraging anyone with information to come forward.

Mysterious Monolith Appears Near Gass Peak in Nevada Desert
Source: UNILAD

Overall, the appearance of the monolith near Gass Peak in Nevada is a reminder of the unexpected encounters that can occur in the natural landscape. While its origins remain unknown, it has sparked interest and comparisons to similar incidents around the world in recent years.

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