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Parents Remember their Daughter After her Tragic Death on a Swing Set

Aurora Masters, a 5-year-old girl from Fort Collins, Colorado, tragically lost her life a few weeks ago after being strangled by a swing set in her backyard. Despite the devastating circumstances of her death, Aurora’s parents, Krystal and Tom Masters, want the world to remember her for the vibrant and joyful life she lived, rather than the tragic way she passed away.

Parents Remember their Daughter After her Tragic Death on a Swing Set
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A Life Full of Light and Creativity

Born on July 10, 2018, Aurora Masters was known for her lively spirit and ability to bring people together. Her parents describe her as a precocious child with a natural talent for performance, likely influenced by her mother’s background in performing arts. Aurora’s fascination with characters like Princess Elsa from “Frozen,” “Ghostbusters,” and Wednesday from the Netflix series of the same name highlighted her imaginative nature. Her father, Tom, recalled a time when Aurora, eager to emulate Wednesday, cut her bangs. “She didn’t cut them even or straight, but she only cut the hairs that should have been a part of the bangs. I was honestly pretty impressed,” he said.

Aurora’s vivacity extended beyond her family to her community. She had a way of unintentionally uplifting those around her. For instance, during a difficult time for a neighbor, Aurora’s spirited rendition of “Let It Go” from “Frozen” provided an unexpected but much-needed boost. “That’s how it was with her. She was 100% in; there were never any half-measures,” Tom Masters said.

A Community United by Music

Tom Masters, a former U.S. Army sergeant, found solace in music during his struggles with mental health. He began attending open mic nights at a local smoothie bar, initially as a personal outlet. Aurora’s presence quickly transformed these gatherings. Her enthusiasm and charm drew people together, fostering a sense of community. “Aurora was the thing that made it comfortable to talk in the beginning,” Tom said. “Within a few months, we were all sitting at the same table.” Aurora’s magnetic personality turned her into a beloved figure, affectionately known as “music baby” among the group.

A Natural Leader

Aurora’s leadership qualities shone through in various aspects of her young life. After six months of karate, she received an award for bravery, demonstrating qualities of respect and leadership well beyond her years. “She didn’t have the skill level, but she was demonstrating those tenets of being a black belt,” her mother, Krystal, noted. Even at home, Aurora exhibited remarkable independence and responsibility, often preparing herself for school without prompting.

Honoring Aurora’s Legacy

To commemorate Aurora’s life, a memorial service will be held on Saturday, June 8, featuring a spaghetti dinner in honor of her favorite meal. Her family also plans to establish a foundation aimed at supporting mental health through music and community engagement. “We’re just moving on in the way that she would want, like a ‘Frozen’ song, ‘The next right thing,'” Tom said, reflecting on their efforts to reclaim joy in their backyard and their lives.

Parents Remember their Daughter After her Tragic Death on a Swing Set
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Aurora Masters’ story is one of light and resilience. Her ability to inspire and uplift those around her will be the lasting memory her family and community carry forward, ensuring her spirit continues to touch lives.

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