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Jersey Shore Boardwalks to Receive $100 Million Upgrade This Summer

This summer, plans are underway to revitalize 20 boardwalks along the Jersey Shore, announced Gov. Phil Murphy and other lawmakers in Asbury Park. The initiative involves a $100 million Boardwalk Preservation Fund, derived from the American Rescue Plan, aimed at enhancing these iconic seaside destinations.

Jersey Shore Boardwalks to Receive $100 Million Upgrade This Summer
Source: WHYY

Funding Allocation

Governor Murphy detailed that the $100 million fund includes $20 million earmarked for completing repairs on the historic Asbury Park Boardwalk. This funding will also support the restoration of the Asbury Park Convention Hall and Paramount Theatre, which have hosted legendary performances by artists like Bruce Springsteen.

Impact on Jersey Shore Communities

Atlantic City will receive a significant portion of the fund to bolster its boardwalk infrastructure. Additionally, investments will be made to construct more restrooms along various Jersey Shore boardwalks. Governor Murphy emphasized that the Boardwalk Preservation Fund represents not just an investment in infrastructure, but also in the cultural and recreational experiences that define the Jersey Shore.

Governor’s Statement

“The Boardwalk Preservation Fund is so much more than a $100 million investment in the infrastructure of these communities. It’s an investment in more summers, more music, and more memories to come,” Governor Murphy stated. He welcomed visitors to the Jersey Shore for the summer of ’24, highlighting the significance of these improvements in enhancing the allure of New Jersey’s coastal areas.

Bipartisan Support and Community Impact

Governor Murphy praised the bipartisan legislation that enabled the creation of the Boardwalk Preservation Fund. He underscored that both sides of the aisle recognize the importance of the Jersey Shore as a vital component of New Jersey’s cultural heritage and tourism industry.

Jersey Shore Boardwalks to Receive $100 Million Upgrade This Summer
Source: USNews.com

This ambitious initiative aims to rejuvenate the Jersey Shore’s boardwalks, ensuring they remain attractive destinations for tourists and locals alike. The investment not only enhances the infrastructure but also preserves the historical and cultural significance of these iconic landmarks, fostering more vibrant and memorable experiences for visitors in the years to come.

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