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Tragic Plane Crash in Tennessee Claims Three Lives

A private plane en route from Louisiana to Kentucky crashed south of Nashville on Wednesday, resulting in the deaths of all three passengers on board. The victims were identified as Dr. Lucius Doucet III, a well-known plastic surgeon, and his two adult children, Giselle and Jean-Luc Doucet. Dr. Doucet was associated with Williamson Cosmetic Center, a medical spa located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and the announcement of the family’s tragic loss was made by Louisiana State University.

Tragic Plane Crash in Tennessee Claims Three Lives
Source: New York Post

Crash Details and Location

The plane, a single-engine Beech V35 with tail number N47WT, was registered to Dr. Doucet in January. The crash occurred near Bending Chestnut Road and Davis Hollow Road near the Natchez Trace Parkway in Williamson County, approximately 50 miles southwest of Nashville. According to Aaron McCarter, an investigator from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), the wreckage was scattered over a half-mile radius, indicating an in-flight breakup. McCarter described the debris as being spread across hilly and flat terrain, water bodies, and farmland. Between 15-20 personnel were engaged in the meticulous task of collecting plane fragments, with about 75% of the wreckage recovered and transported to a secure facility in Springfield, Tennessee.

Flight Path and Timeline

The ill-fated Beech V35 aircraft took off from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, at approximately 8:53 a.m., as recorded by FlightAware, a flight tracking website. The plane was scheduled to arrive in Louisville, Kentucky, around 1 p.m. However, it never reached its destination, crashing mid-flight under circumstances that are still under investigation. Dr. Lucius Doucet III was a practicing plastic surgeon in Baton Rouge, having graduated from Tulane University Medical School in June 1987. His career was marked by dedication and service to his patients at Williamson Cosmetic Center. The tragic loss of Dr. Doucet and his children has deeply affected both the medical community and those who knew the family.

NTSB Efforts and Challenges

The NTSB is conducting a thorough investigation to determine the cause of the crash. The extensive spread of the wreckage presents significant challenges, with parts of the plane found in diverse locations including water and farmland. Investigators are working diligently to piece together the sequence of events that led to the in-flight breakup and subsequent crash.

Community Mourning

The sudden and tragic loss of the Doucet family has sent shockwaves through their community. Dr. Doucet’s colleagues, patients, and friends remember him as a skilled and compassionate surgeon whose contributions to the field of plastic surgery were highly regarded. Giselle and Jean-Luc Doucet are mourned by friends and family who recall their vibrant lives and promising futures.

Tragic Plane Crash in Tennessee Claims Three Lives
Source: KSLA


As the investigation continues, the focus remains on understanding what led to this devastating accident. The NTSB will analyze the recovered wreckage and flight data to provide answers and possibly prevent similar tragedies in the future. The loss of Dr. Lucius Doucet III and his children is a profound tragedy, and their memories will be cherished by all who know them.

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