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Google Set to Launch News Showcase in the U.S. Amidst Global Regulatory Challenges

Google is gearing up to launch its News Showcase product in the United States within weeks, following several delays and regulatory battles worldwide. Chris Jansen, Google’s Head of Local News Global Partnerships, announced that the product will be introduced later this summer in collaboration with over 150 news publications, with 90% of them being local or regional.

Google Set to Launch News Showcase in the U.S. Amidst Global Regulatory Challenges
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Global Expansion and Legislation

First launched in 2020, News Showcase is a news licensing program and presentation tool that has expanded to 22 countries and now includes over 2,300 publications. This launch comes amidst increasing global legislation to ensure news publishers receive payments from tech companies that feature their work. In the U.S., major news organizations have criticized Google for leveraging their content without providing adequate compensation.

Financial Agreements with Major Publishers

Recent agreements with major publishers such as News Corp. (NWS) (NWSA) and The New York Times (NYT) indicate that these organizations could receive approximately $100 million annually from Google for news and partnering deals. These deals highlight the financial potential for news organizations collaborating with tech giants under the News Showcase program.

Diverse Range of U.S. Publishing Partners

Google’s News Showcase in the U.S. will include partners from 39 states, featuring both global/national publications like The Associated Press, Bloomberg, El Diario, and Reuters, as well as regional sources such as Minnesota’s Duluth News Tribune, Louisiana’s Times-Picayune/NOLA.com, California’s Oaklandside, and Florida’s Orlando Weekly. This diverse range of partners aims to offer comprehensive news coverage across various regions.

Support for Local News

In addition to launching News Showcase, Google is investing more to support local U.S. news. The Google News Initiative is launching new partnerships with five news associations, providing financial grants and training to further bolster local journalism. This initiative underscores Google’s commitment to strengthening the local news ecosystem amidst the challenges faced by the industry.

Google Set to Launch News Showcase in the U.S. Amidst Global Regulatory Challenges
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As Google prepares to roll out its News Showcase in the U.S., the company continues to navigate complex regulatory landscapes and forge partnerships with news organizations. The launch marks a significant step in Google’s efforts to support journalism and ensure fair compensation for news publishers, while also addressing the growing demand for high-quality news content across the country.

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