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NYC Education Funding Showdown: Mayor Under Pressure as Budget Deadline Nears

NYC Education Funding Debate: Mayor Faces Pressure for Increased Budget Allocation

Progressive Caucus and Parents Rally for More Education Funding in New York City

According to CBSNews, as tension heats up between Mayor Eric Adams‘ team and the City Council over school money, Chancellor David Banks faced tough questions during a Wednesday meeting. Even though the mayor put in $500 million more into the budget, parents and council members from the Progressive Caucus say it’s not enough for schools. The Emergency Coalition to Save Education Programs, along with loud voices from the caucus, gathered at City Hall to push the mayor for more cash.

Council members like Shahana Hanif and Brad Lander stressed how crucial it is to invest in little kids’ education and support students with special needs. They listed what they want, like more money for pre-K and 3-K spots, and for things like school food and nurses. Despite Chancellor Banks saying the mayor’s team is doing their best, and they’re putting money into programs for special education and reaching out to preschool parents, the council insists more money is needed for fair access to good education.

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NYC Education Funding Showdown: Mayor Under Pressure as Budget Deadline Nears (PHOTO: CHALKBEAT)

NYC Education Budget Battle: Urgency Grows as Deadline Looms for Funding Resolution

With the deadline to agree on a budget by the end of June approaching fast, the fight between the council and the mayor shows how urgent it is to find a good way to fund NYC’s schools. As the argument gets fiercer, people all over the city are watching closely, hoping for a solution that puts kids’ education first.

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