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Cicada Emergence: Preparing Pools in the Chicago Area

Signs of cicadas are beginning to emerge across the Chicago area, and experts suggest that it may only take one more summer-like day to bring these insects to the surface. Tom Tiddens, the Plant Healthcare Supervisor at Chicago Botanic Garden in Glencoe, observes increased activity among birds, squirrels, and raccoons digging for cicadas, indicating their imminent emergence.

Cicada Emergence: Preparing Pools in the Chicago Area
Source: Garden Tech

Potential Impact on Swimming Pools

While much attention has been given to protecting gardens, trees, and cars from cicadas, one aspect that some may overlook is the impact on swimming pools. Tiddens suggests that pool owners may face a nuisance from cicadas but reassures that they shouldn’t cause significant damage. Comparable to dealing with blown leaves, Tiddens advises pool owners to skim the surface occasionally to remove cicadas.

Advice for Pool Owners

Wisconsin-based Doheny’s Pool Supplies echoes Tiddens’ sentiments, recommending pool owners equip themselves with a leaf skimmer for manual cicada removal and a pool vacuum for cleaning the pool’s bottom. Megan Isberg, who provided insights via phone from Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, emphasizes the importance of having extra chlorine on hand to counteract the excess nitrogen from dead cicadas, which may impact pool chemistry.

Maintaining Pool Chemistry

Isberg emphasizes the need for pool owners to check their filter, skimmer basket, and pool pump basket more frequently in the coming weeks. Clearing these components regularly can help prevent clogging and ensure efficient filtration, especially with the anticipated influx of cicadas into pools.

Cicada Emergence: Preparing Pools in the Chicago Area
Source: NBC Chicago

Soil Temperature and Cicada Emergence

Currently, the soil temperature across the Chicago area hovers around 62-63 degrees, just shy of the 64 degrees needed for cicadas to fully emerge. Tiddens predicts that with the gradual temperature rise, the full emergence of cicadas can be expected within the week. As the soil temperature approaches the threshold, preparations for managing cicada-related issues, including pool maintenance, become increasingly crucial for residents in the Chicago area.

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