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Financial Stability: Insights from Acorns’ Money Matters Report and Federal Findings on Homelessness

Financial Stability Anxiety Grips Young Adults

Surge in Homelessness Reflects Economic Challenges

According to Fortune, A recent report by Acorns, called Money Matters, shows that many young adults in the U.S. are really worried about their money. They surveyed over 5,000 Americans and found that almost a quarter of them are scared they might end up homeless because of their finances. This fear is especially strong among Gen Z and millennials, who are younger generations.

The report’s findings match with what federal officials have said about homelessness. They announced a big 12% increase in homelessness in December 2023. This increase is because rents are getting higher, wages are staying the same, and the government stopped giving extra money to help during the pandemic. Now, there are 653,000 homeless Americans in the U.S., the highest ever since they started counting in 2007.

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The cost-of-living crisis is so bleak that some Gen Zers genuinely fear  becoming homeless
Financial Stability: Insights from Acorns’ Money Matters Report and Federal Findings on Homelessness (PHOTO: AOL)

Addressing Homelessness: Tackling Housing Affordability and Financial Stability Amid Global Challenges

Jeff Olivet, who leads a group called the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness, says the reason more Americans are becoming homeless is because there aren’t enough cheap homes, and everything costs too much. This makes it hard for a lot of Americans to maintain financial stability. Americans are also worried about big problems happening around the world, like wars. So now, more than ever, it’s important for everyone to learn about money, have the right tools, and get support from their community to handle these tough times.

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