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Interstate 95 Reopens After Fiery Crash in Connecticut

Interstate 95 in southwest Connecticut has reopened in both directions following a three-vehicle crash that ignited a gas tanker, leading to substantial damage and traffic closures. Governor Ned Lamont and Commissioner Garrett Eucalitto announced the full reopening of the highway in Norwalk by 10 a.m. Sunday, ahead of initial projections.

Interstate 95 Reopens After Fiery Crash in Connecticut
Source: Stars and Stripes

The Fiery Crash

The incident occurred at 5:30 a.m. on Thursday when a gas tanker, carrying 8,500 gallons of fuel, collided with two vehicles, resulting in a blaze. Connecticut State Police reported that the tanker was struck by a merging vehicle, causing it to collide with a tractor-trailer and erupt into flames. Fortunately, there were no fatalities or serious injuries. However, the overpass above the interstate sustained damage from the fire.

Efficient Response and Cleanup

Governor Lamont commended the swift response of local and state authorities, fire departments, and environmental cleanup teams, emphasizing their collective effort in reopening the highway within 80 hours of the crash. State environmental teams conducted a cleanup operation near the Norwalk River, addressing the environmental impact of the incident.

Demolition and Reconstruction

Due to significant damage to the overpass, crews demolished it on Saturday, facilitating the reopening of northbound lanes the same evening. Demolition work began promptly on Friday, with crews working tirelessly to remove debris and prepare the roadway for repairs. Despite challenges, the demolition was completed by Saturday afternoon.

Impact and Recovery

Interstate 95 serves as a vital transportation route, with over 100,000 drivers utilizing it daily. Lamont highlighted the importance of the highway’s reopening for commuters and local businesses. While the interstate is operational, officials continue to assess and plan for the replacement of the damaged overpass, with preliminary designs expected in the coming weeks.

Financial Support and Assistance

In response to the crash, Governor Lamont declared a state of emergency to expedite resources for recovery efforts. Federal funding, estimated at $20 million, will cover the removal and repairs. Additionally, efforts are underway to mitigate the economic impact on local businesses, with discussions regarding potential assistance from federal agencies.

Interstate 95 Reopens After Fiery Crash in Connecticut
Source: WBUR

Community Support and Resilience

Officials urge residents to support impacted businesses and utilize alternative transportation options. Despite the challenges posed by the crash, the collaborative efforts of government agencies and community members reflect resilience and a commitment to restoring normalcy in the region. In the wake of adversity, Connecticut demonstrates its ability to swiftly recover and overcome challenges, ensuring the safety and well-being of its residents and travelers.

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