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Exploring Maine’s Most Dangerous Cities: Addressing Crime in Smaller Communities

Maine’s Most Dangerous Cities: Tackling Crime in Smaller Communities

Crime in Maine’s Smaller Cities: Addressing Safety Concerns for Residents

In Maine, a state known for its beauty and friendly Americans, some places are struggling with crime, according to the report of Southwest Journal. Even though Maine’s crime rates are lower than the national average, smaller cities are seeing most dangerous crime. Surprisingly, even a small city with less than 6,000 Americans has the highest rates of assault and murder. In 2024, Maine had 121 violent crimes and 1,507 property crimes overall.

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7 Most Dangerous Cities in Maine


Augusta is the capital city of Maine, renowned for its historical landmarks and ongoing efforts to revitalize its downtown, is grappling with higher crime rates compared to the state average. Despite a population of just over 18,000, Augusta sees elevated instances of robbery, assault, and property crimes, contributing to a gradual decline in population since 2009.


Houlton is a quaint town nestled at a strategic crossroads near the US/Canada border, boasts low unemployment and affordable housing. However, its crime rate surpasses the state average, with notable cases of larceny and aggravated assault. Despite these challenges, Houlton maintains its small-town charm, though experiencing a slight decrease in population since 2011.


Waterville is a city witnessing a population uptick since 2011, faces persistent high crime rates, particularly in property crimes like burglary and larceny. Despite a notable proportion of residents with lower incomes, Waterville also boasts a higher percentage of individuals with advanced degrees. However, the prevalence of crime remains a concern for this growing community.


Biddeford is a historic coastal town with cultural significance, grapples with rising crime rates amid its burgeoning population. While violent crime remains below the national average, property crimes, primarily larceny, contribute to Biddeford’s challenges in maintaining safety and security for its residents.


Auburn once a thriving center of the shoe industry, now faces a reputation overshadowed by its high crime rate. Despite its relatively modest population, Auburn ranks as one of the most dangerous spots in Maine, with a concerning number of violent crimes recorded annually.


Bangor is a city rich in cultural attractions and history, struggles with a notable crime rate, including frequent car thefts and robberies. Despite its size, Bangor contends with crime levels that exceed expectations for a town of its stature.


Skowhegan was celebrated for its vibrant arts scene and historic traditions, contends with a higher-than-average crime rate, primarily in property crimes. Despite its cultural significance, Skowhegan faces challenges in ensuring safety and security for its residents amidst ongoing efforts to preserve its heritage.

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