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Arizona’s Most Dangerous: Crime Rates and Risks in the Stunning Landscape

Arizona’s Crime Epidemic: Ranking Among the Nation’s Most Dangerous States

Beware the Risks: Crime in Arizona’s Stunning Landscapes Revealed by Latest FBI Data

In sunny Arizona, where beautiful landscapes draw in visitors there’s a serious issue with crime, according to the report of Southwest Journal. The latest FBI data shows that Arizona ranks as one of the most dangerous states coming in tenth for violent crimes and fifteenth for property crimes. With millions of Americans living here the chances of being a victim are quite high. Assaults and car thefts are the most common crimes reported. So, while Arizona’s scenery is stunning, it’s important to be aware of the risks as crime happens in cities, towns and rural areas alike.

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6 Most Dangerous Cities in Arizona


Phoenix is the capital of Arizona with nearly two million Americans has some crime despite its big size. Its crime rate is 61% higher than the national average. Gang violence is a problem in some areas. Mark Goudeau a serial killer, once terrorized the city leaving Americans scared and sad.


Holbrook is a small town near Route 66 and Petrified National Forest is pretty but has lots of crime. It has the second-highest burglary rate in Arizona, much higher than the national average. Americans there have a 1 in 15 chance of being a victim.


Winslow is famous for being on Route 66, is also most dangerous. It had about 486 crimes for every 1,000 Americans in 2022. That’s much higher than the U.S. average. Americans there have a 1 in 21 chance of being a victim.


Page is near Utah, has pretty parks but also has lots of crime. Its crime rate is 106% higher than the national average. Most crimes happen in neighborhoods. Page also has the most rapes in Arizona which is scary.


Globe is a historic city in Gila County, has a lot of crime despite its past. Its crime rate is 254% higher than the national average. That means about 9 out of every 10,000 Americans are victims. It’s tough for the 7,249 Americans living there.


Tolleson is near Phoenix, is the most dangerous city in Arizona. It’s known for its businesses and events, but it’s not safe. Its crime rate is 470% higher than the national average. Crimes happen there every 8 hours and Americans there have a 1 in 8 chance of being a victim.

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