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Fair Pay Revolution: Biden Administration Overhauls Overtime Rules for Salaried Workers

Fair Pay Biden Administration Announces Major Overhaul of Overtime Rules for Salaried Workers

New Rule Aims to Ensure Equity for Salaried Employees

According to APNews, the Biden administration just announced a big change to overtime rules for salaried workers. This change starting on July 1 is the biggest one in a long time. Now if you’re a salaried worker in certain jobs like executive or administrative roles and you make less than $43,888 a year you’ll get paid extra for working overtime. This new rule is about making sure people get fair pay for the extra time they put in.

Julie Su who’s in charge of labor talked about why this change is important. She said it’s not fair that some salaried workers do the same job as hourly workers but don’t get paid more for working extra hours. The government wants to fix this and make sure everyone gets treated fairly at work. The plan is to keep raising the threshold so that by 2025 even more workers will be protected and paid fairly for their time.

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Fair Pay Revolution: Biden Administration Overhauls Overtime Rules for Salaried Workers (PHOTO: US GOV)

Biden Administration’s Overtime Rule Reverses Trump-Era Policies, Prioritizes Fair Pay

This is a big change from what the government did before especially under the Trump administration. They set the threshold much lower at $35,568 which meant fewer people qualified for overtime pay. But now with this new rule, the focus is on making sure workers are paid what they deserve. It’s a step toward making things more equal for workers across the country and making sure everyone gets a fair shake at work.

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