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Taco Bell Employee Saves Infant’s Life in Heroic Act

In a heart-stopping moment at a Taco Bell in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, manager Becky Arbaugh’s quick actions turned her into a hero. When Natasha Long’s 11-month-old son, Myles, began to struggle for breath after a routine stop at the fast-food chain, Arbaugh stepped in to perform life-saving chest compressions.

Taco Bell Employee Saves Infant's Life in Heroic Act
Source: New York Post

A Mother’s Panic

Long vividly recalls the terrifying moment when Myles, while they were on their way from picking up a prescription, suddenly began to suffocate. “I ran out of the car and ran around and opened the car door. I pulled him out and he turned completely blue and was lifeless,” she recounted. In her panic, Long felt utterly helpless, unsure of what to do to revive her baby.

A Guardian Angel Steps In

Enter Becky Arbaugh, whose maternal instincts and prior experience with similar situations kicked in. Without hesitation, she rushed to Long’s aid, describing the moment as a reflex born out of empathy. “I threw my headset. I ran outside. I took the baby and I started to do chest compressions on the baby and then he finally started to breathe,” Arbaugh recounted. Drawing from her own experiences as a mother, she knew that remaining calm was crucial in such critical moments.

Gratitude and Recognition

Long credits Arbaugh’s swift response and composed demeanor for saving her son’s life, expressing profound gratitude for the unexpected heroism. “We couldn’t be more grateful to Becky. She saved my son’s life,” Long emphasized. Despite being hailed as a hero, Arbaugh humbly brushes off the accolades, stating that she merely acted as any mother would in a similar situation.

A Mother Helping a Mother

To Arbaugh, the incident was not about heroism but about extending a helping hand to a fellow mother in distress. “I’m just a mom helping a mom. I didn’t do anything different from what anyone else should be doing,” she stated. Recognizing the pain and helplessness that comes with witnessing a child in distress, Arbaugh’s instinctual response was driven by empathy and solidarity with Long.

Taco Bell Employee Saves Infant's Life in Heroic Act
Source: KKTV

In this heartwarming tale of human kindness, Arbaugh’s actions serve as a reminder of the power of compassion and quick thinking in times of crisis. As Myles continues to thrive, his miraculous rescue stands as a testament to the profound impact that one person’s selfless act can have on the lives of others.

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