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Manhunt Underway After Inmate Escapes Hospital During Shootout

In Boise, Idaho, a frantic manhunt is underway for an escaped inmate, Skylar Meade, who fled from a hospital during a dramatic shootout that left three officers injured. The escape unfolded as authorities attempted to transfer Meade back to prison following medical treatment. However, chaos erupted in the early morning hours when another suspect, Nicholas Umphenour, opened fire on law enforcement officials.

Manhunt Underway After Inmate Escapes Hospital During Shootout
Source: The Independent

Inmate Escapes During Shootout

According to police reports, Meade and Umphenour made their getaway in a grey four-door Honda Civic, prompting a widescale search operation. Authorities have issued a warning, cautioning the public that Meade is considered “armed and dangerous.” Described as a 31-year-old white male standing at 5 feet, 6 inches tall, Meade is also identified as a member of the notorious white supremacist prison gang, the Aryan Knights.

Officers Injured and Prison Background

During Meade’s escape, two correction officers sustained gunshot wounds inflicted by the assailant. While one officer’s injuries are non-life-threatening, another remains in critical but stable condition. Additionally, a third prison guard was inadvertently injured by gunfire when responding officers exchanged shots with the suspects within the hospital’s emergency department.

Meade, who has been incarcerated since 2016 for aggravated battery of a law enforcement officer with a firearm, boasts a criminal history comprising multiple convictions, including grand theft and felony possession of a controlled substance. Scheduled for release in 2036, Meade’s brazen escape has heightened concerns among law enforcement and the public alike.

Hospital Incident and Law Enforcement Response

The incident unfolded Tuesday night when Meade engaged in self-injurious behavior, prompting a response from prison authorities. Josh Tewalt, director of the Idaho Department of Correction, revealed that Meade was initially evaluated by on-site medical staff before a decision was made to transport him off-site for urgent medical attention. Meade remained at the hospital until 2:08 local time, only to execute a daring and coordinated attack on law enforcement officers, as described by Mr. Tewalt.

Manhunt Underway After Inmate Escapes Hospital During Shootout
Source: ABC News

As the manhunt intensifies, authorities are urging citizens to remain vigilant and report any sightings or information regarding Meade’s whereabouts. With the escapee considered armed and dangerous, the safety of the community remains paramount. The swift apprehension of Meade and his accomplice is essential to restoring order and ensuring the well-being of all residents in the Boise area.

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