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Find Out The Release Date Of All Of Us Are Dead Season 2; Check Full Details

The highly anticipated return of All of Us Are Dead, the critically acclaimed post-apocalyptic Zombie K-drama on Netflix will delight fans who have been waiting for it for almost two years. Season 2’s release schedule has been revealed according to recently revised agency data. The formal green light for Season 2 of the show was given in June 2022, following the huge success of Season 1. Since then, though, information about the cast of stars and the project has been kept under wraps. Here’s all you need to know about All of Us Are Dead’s second season.

All Of Us Are Dead
All Of Us Are Dead; Source- The Economics Times

Starcast Of All Of Us Are Dead Season 2

A hint regarding the second season of All of Us Are Dead surfaced, even though Netflix did not formally announce it in their recent press release to shareholders, which also prominently promoted other highly anticipated series like Squid Game. When the release window was disclosed by one of the cast members’ agencies, BH Entertainment, a clue was given. An Instagram post by Park Ji-hu, the series star, ignited the enthusiasm. The talent group revealed All of Us Are Dead Season 2 as a major part of Park’s 2024 program in the tweet. The following actors appeared in the first season of the show: Yoo In Soo played Gwi Nam, Lee Kyuhyung played Jae Ik, Lee Eun Saem played Mi Jin, Ham Sung Min played Gyeong Su, and Im Jae Hyuk played Dae Su. The full cast list for Season 2 has not yet been formally revealed, however, Park Ji Hu’s involvement as Onjo has been confirmed.

Ending Of All Of Us Are Dead Season 1

The conclusion of the first season of All of Us Are Dead resolved several plot points and provided answers to many issues, but it left open one of the major mysteries of the program: what became of the kids’ parents? Although the show addressed the fates of some characters’ families, such as On-jo and Cheong-san, the zombie K-drama withheld information about what transpired with the parents of the majority of the students. Some people from All of Us Are Dead are still alive and have the chance to reconcile with their families, but many of the other characters passed away before they even graduated from high school.

Plot Of All Of Us Are Dead Season 2

All of Us Are Dead on Netflix blends new and innovative perspectives on the zombie genre with some well-known movie clichés, such as walking zombies. This includes the idea of halves, which are people who are both human and zombie in proportion but are not considered to be living beings. The Netflix K-drama series had some extremely frightening zombies, but it was also pretty vicious in the sense that it didn’t hesitate to kill off characters. The series saw several deaths, but oddly, the whereabouts of a particular cast of individuals remained a mystery. Although the premise of the second season is yet unknown, Netflix has given a preview of what to expect. Since the plot of the tale was developed with Season 2 in mind, it may be a bit more intriguing and have more depth if Season 2 is released. There’s a sense of humor if Season 1 was a human survival phase; however, Season 2 seems to be a zombie survival period.



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