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Love Is Blind’s Cameron Hamilton Explains Why He And Lauren Missed The Season Six Reunion

Now that Cameron has revealed why the reality star was conspicuously absent from the season six reunion, it is clear why. During the first season of the Netflix dating show, the reality star got to know Lauren Speed-Hamilton, whom he eventually married.

Fully Packed Schedule

On March 15, he posted on Instagram, “Let me start by saying that I adore the Love is Blind franchise.” Additionally, he stated that there are no issues with them, the Netflix series, or the actual program. “This is how I met my wife. I’m really appreciative of the chance. We graciously turned down an invitation to the reunion for season six. We were already scheduled for that day.”

Above all, though, Cameron isn’t drawn to the program in the same way. “I just wasn’t into this season,” he continued. “I couldn’t find the couples I wanted to help. I’ve supported it for the last four years.”

Finding Love

Cameron Hamilton
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“I think there are people who are open to getting married on every season,” he said. Some people want to be well-known. There are also others who occupy a middle ground. It goes without saying that I want to see people who genuinely want to be married and who have that real connection when I watch.”

According to Cameron, the theme of his most recent season was “all the memes, it’s more about that than the possibility of finding love.”

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