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Thieves Target Three Companies of Alcoholic Drinks

Liquor Mart: Thieves Target, Leave Store Reeling

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Thieves Target Three Companies of Alcoholic Drinks (PHOTO: The Durango Herald)

Coordinated Heists Rock Bryan and College Station Liquor Businesses

Several liquor businesses in the Bryan and College Station area were the subject of coordinated heists in a recent spate of thefts that left the owners and staff angry and strapped for cash. Liquor Mart in College Station, Libations Liquor in Bryan, and Specs off University Drive in College Station were a few of the establishments impacted.

Liquor Mart representative Delaney Befort said how three guys and a lady quickly stole about $650 worth of liquor from their establishment. In less than ten minutes, the people shown on surveillance tape shoving bottles into their clothes and backpacks. The store suffered a large loss as a result of the stolen merchandise, which was equal to their power payment..

In a similar vein, Kristine Merritt of Libations Liquor told the story of how three men banded together to steal about $700 worth of liquor from their business. Using a diversionary strategy, two men conversed with the cashier while the third stole the bottles without being spotted. Merritt bemoaned how these thefts affect smaller companies, pointing out the emotional and financial toll they take.

The fact that this wasn’t an isolated instance is more concerning. The same bunch of burglars had also targeted Libations Liquor in May of the previous year. Liquor Mart and Libations Liquor surveillance footage hinted at a possible connection between the incidents.

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Law Enforcement Mobilizes: Bryan Police Lead the Charge

Authorities encouraged impacted companies to report such incidents as soon as possible, with Bryan Police Public Information Officer Seth Waller leading the charge. In addition to stressing the value of alertness and timely reporting, Waller advised company owners to SMS or contact 9-1-1 in the event of theft.

To combat these thefts, Liquor Mart and Libations Liquor are working together with the police. The Bryan police department (979-209-5300) and the College Station police (979-764-3600) have issued calls to the public asking them to come forward with any information that could help identify the culprits. The neighborhood is waiting for prompt justice and an end to these blatant thefts that are affecting nearby businesses while the investigations are ongoing.

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