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297 Additional Years and Seven Life Punishment: Criminal Keith Gibson in Prison for Harrowing Delaware and Philadelphia Crimes

Gibson Receives Maximum Sentence

Justice Served

According to True Crime, Daily Keith Gibson a man involved in many terrible crimes in Delaware and Philadelphia got a severe life punishment. He got seven life sentences and an extra 297 years in prison. The judge Ferris Wharton said Gibson should spend his whole life in jail for his life punishment.

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Prosecutors Condemn Gibson

The Delaware Attorney General Kathy Jennings, strongly criticized Gibson’s actions. She said his crimes caused a lot of pain to the victims and their families. Gibson killed Leslie Ruiz-Basilio and Ronald Wright maybe more people in Philadelphia. Deputy Attorney General John Downs also condemned Gibson, calling him a terrible person who deserved the toughest life punishment. Gibson’s fate was sealed with the judge’s final decision. He’ll spend the rest of his life punishment in prison. This shows how the justice system protects people from dangerous criminals like him. But even with Gibson locked away the memories of his crimes will stay reminding us of the darkness that can exist in people and the need for healing and justice.

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