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See Kristen Stewart’s Response To The Backlash Following Her Rolling Stone Cover

For those who were offended by her widely shared Rolling Stone cover, Kristen Stewart has a straightforward response. On Monday, March 11, Stewart, 33, made an appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. During the show, host Colbert disclosed that CBS had requested that Stewart not be featured on the magazine’s February cover. The cover, which features Stewart in a jockstrap and provocatively slipping one of her own hands down the underwear, was displayed by Colbert against the wishes of the network officials.

Kristen Stewart
Kristen Stewart; Source- Yahoo

Kristen Stewart’s Reaction On Backlash

The Love Lies Bleeding singer responded to some criticism the cover got, including an implication that it was promoting gender ideology, when Colbert asked her. She told Stewart she looked better in jockstrap than he had ever done. She mentioned that it seemed like she witnessed a lot of hands in pants and a lot of male pubic hair on product covers. She went on to remark that those who are sexist as well as homophobic find it irritating when there is a certain overt acknowledgment of female sexuality having its agency. Colbert concurred, saying he had seen more provocative magazine covers on Rolling Stone or Sports Illustrated, to name a couple. Image, according to Stewart, subverted ideas about women’s freedom of sexual expression.

Kristen Stewart’s Early Life

Stewart was born on April 9 in Los Angeles, California. Her Australian-born mother, Julies Mann-Stewart, is a filmmaker and screenplay supervisor, while her father, John Stewart, works as a stage manager as well as a television producer. The San Fernando Valley was Stewart’s upbringing. After attending neighborhood schools through the seventh grade, she pursued her education virtually until she graduated from high school due to her increased involvement in performing. At eight years old, Stewart started acting after an agent saw her in a Christmas performance at her elementary school. She spent a year trying out for roles before landing her first, in a minor, speaking role in the Disney Channel television movie The Thirteenth Year.

Kristen Stewart’s Controversy

Midway through 2009, Stewart and Robert Pattinson, her co-star in Twilight, started dating. Stewart and her director Rupert Sanders from Snow White and the Huntsman were shot in July 2012, exposing an affair. Both Stewart and Sanders, who were married and 19 years her senior at the time, publicly apologized for the affair the day the images were made public. Stewart experienced severe emotional damage as a result of the discovery and the ensuing public criticism. Stewart added that the affair occurred during a time when she was self-destructive and described her early 20s as a tremendously difficult time that gave rise to a more feral side of herself. After a breakup, Pattinson and Stewart got back together in October 2012. In the end, the couple split up in May 2013.

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