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Mauricio Umansky Is Criticised By Paris Hilton For ‘Using’ Her Family’s Name To “Plug His Lame Show’

When Mauricio Umansky brought up his conflict with Paris Hilton’s family on his show Buying Beverly Hills, Paris Hilton was not amused. “My father has always acted honorably and with the utmost dignity. Hilton, 43, posted a remark regarding the new Buying Beverly Hills season 2 teaser on the Queen of Bravo’s Instagram account. “He would never talk negatively regarding his family, especially in the press,” Hilton wrote. To be honest, we are all tired of him promoting his cheesy show with the Hilton name every chance that he gets. Enough is enough already. The official trailer for that reality series which centres on Umansky’s real estate company was released by Netflix earlier that day. The 53-year-old Umanksy talked candidly about his falling out with Rick Hilton, the father of Paris, and his brother-in-law.

Umansky Expressed His Desire For Equity

Umansky remarked, “I feel like Hilton and Hyland kind of fucked me.” And I’m glad today, you know when I say f–ked. Nonetheless, Hilton and Hyland had one hundred agents. For the very first time in a year, they made $1 billion. I accounted for 19.6% of their output. Umansky clarified that he went up to the 68-year-old Rick and expressed his desire for equity and full partner status in their real estate company. Umansky said that after their talk, he was told no. He remembered talking about the issue with Kathy Hilton’s sister, Kyle Richards, his now-divorced wife, about how his decision to leave Hilton & Hyland may impact her connection with her family.

Kyle Was The Most Negatively Affected

After departing from the real estate business, Umansky established The Agency, the topic of Buying Beverly Hills. Alongside him at work are his stepson Farrah Aldjufrie and daughter Alexia. In a confessional, Umansky stated, “I think Hilton & Hyland is a wonderful company and that I wouldn’t ever be caught deceased speaking ill about them as I don’t think poorly about them.” “I am also Rick’s brother-in-law,” But regrettably, everything went south because Kyle was the one who was most negatively impacted out of all the family. Her family has stopped communicating with her, you know.

Apart from discussing his departure from Hilton & Hyland on his television show, Umansky has been open about the circumstances in his book The Dealmaker, which was published in April 2023. Umansky exclusively stated to Us after it was released that he and Rick “have a superb working relationship” ever since Rick left. Netflix will debut the second season of Buying Beverly Hills on Friday, March 22.

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