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Chicago Man’s Shocking Act: Killing Ex-Partner Before Her Own Kids’ Eyes

Arrest and Allegations: Kenneth Brown’s Violent Act

A Family’s Grief: Maria Roque’s Tragic Story

According to True Crime Daily, a Chicago man, Kenneth Brown, was arrested by the Chicago Police Department on suspicion of fatally shooting his ex-girlfriend, Maria Roque, aged 34, despite an active order of protection against him. The incident occurred on December 13, 2023 at approximately 6:23 a.m. in the 500 block of North Long Avenue. Brown allegedly shot Roque in front of her children as indicated by court records obtained by WLS. Following the shooting, a warrant was issued for Brown’s arrest and he was deemed armed and dangerous.

Approximately two weeks later, Brown was apprehended by the U.S. Marshals Great Lakes Regional Fugitive Task Force on the 3100 block of West Harrison Street. He was subsequently arrested on a murder charge in connection with Roque’s death. The tragic incident highlights the urgency of addressing domestic violence and the importance of enforcing protective measures to safeguard victims.

The heart-wrenching tragedy surrounding the death of Maria Roque has deeply affected her family particularly her twin brother, Andres Roque, who shared the harrowing detail that one of Maria’s children bravely attempted to come to her rescue during the fatal altercation. Despite Maria’s relentless efforts to seek protection from her ex-partner Kenneth Brown, she found herself trapped in a cycle of escalating danger. Reportedly, Maria had filed multiple protective orders against this Chicago man in a desperate bid for safety with the most recent one tragically being granted only hours after she was fatally gunned down. This sequence of events underscores the urgent need for more robust support systems and preventive measures to shield victims of domestic violence from such horrific outcomes.

(PHOTO: Chicago Man’s Shocking Act: Killing Ex-Partner Before Her Own Kids’ Eyes)

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Justice Pending: Kenneth Brown’s Detention and Maria Roque’s Legacy

As the legal proceedings unfold, a Chicago man, Kenneth Brown remains detain in Cook County Jail where he is being held without bond. His scheduled court appearance on January 3 looms as a crucial moment in the pursuit of justice for Maria Roque and her grieving loved ones. Brown’s continued detention serves as a necessary measure to ensure public safety and underscores the severity of the charges against him in connection with Maria’s senseless murder. Beyond the courtroom, Maria’s tragic story serves as a sobering reminder of the grave realities faced by countless individuals trapped in abusive relationships and the imperative for society to take decisive action to break this cycle of violence.

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