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$500 Checks Payment for Tacoma Residents – Are You Eligible?

GRIT Project Allocates $1.9 Million to Aid Tacoma Families

United Way of Pierce County Partners with Local Agencies to Provide $500 Checks Payment

According to King 5, the GRIT project in Tacoma, Washington, is helping residents money problems with $500 checks payment. They got $1.9 million from the state to give $500 each month to 175 households until June. United Way of Pierce County is leading the project with help from the City of Tacoma, Pierce County, and the State Department of Social and Health Services. They want to help with Tacoma’s residents with $500 checks payment who struggle to pay for important things like food and rent especially those who work but still find it hard to make ends meet.

$500 Checks Payment for Tacoma Residents – Are You Eligible? (PHOTO: King 5 News)

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GRIT 2.0 Initiative Offers Direct Financial Aid to Combat Rising Living Costs

Dona Ponepinto from United Way of Pierce County believes giving $500 checks payment to residents can improve their lives. GRIT 2.0 targets areas in Tacoma where living costs are rising aiming to help residents directly. Applications for the project are open until March 8 offering eligible households $500 checks payment monthly until June to alleviate financial burdens and study the impact of direct cash assistance on poverty.


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