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Wisconsin New Tax Filing Systems: WisTax and IRS Free File Explained

Wisconsin’s New Online Tax Filing System

Free Tax Solutions for Residents New Online Tax Filing System

Wisconsin has a new system called WisTax for filing taxes online replacing the old one. If you’ve recently filed taxes in Wisconsin are a full-year resident, and have a state ID you can use this new system. Make sure to file your federal taxes first and then you can use WisTax on the Department of Revenue’s website. If you don’t qualify you can use other free services or file on paper. Wisconsin residents can now join the IRS Free File program. If your income is $79,000 or less you can use free tax software provided by the IRS partners. If your income is more you can use free fillable forms. Remember to start at IRS.gov to get these benefits instead of going directly to a company’s website – Milwaukeee Journal Sentinel reported.

New Online Tax Filing System: WisTax and IRS Free File Explained. (PHOTO: FOX2548 & WIProud)

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Important Deadlines, Extensions, and Tips

The deadline for filing Wisconsin state taxes is April 15, 2024. If you need more time you can get an extension for up to 180 days. But if you file late without an extension you might have to pay a $50 fee and 1.5% interest per month. To avoid delays wait until you have all your documents like W-2s and 1099s. You can also add extra security by getting a Wisconsin Identity Protection PIN. To check on your refund, use the “Where’s my Refund” tool on the Department of Revenue’s website. If you file online you should get your refund in about 12 weeks but filing on paper might take longer.

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