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Tax Return Turmoil: State Refund Delays Tied to eService Processing Woes

Delays Persist for Michigan Earned Income Tax Credit and Retirement Tax Rollback

Michigan Treasury Department Addresses Backlog with Progress in Tax Return Processing

(PHOTO: Tax Return Turmoil: State Refund Delays Tied to eService Processing Woes)

According to 13 On Your Side, compounding the issue further are the delays encountered in processing tax returns associated with the Michigan Earned Income Tax Credit which stands at a notable 30%, and the Retirement Tax Rollback. These delays, exacerbated by the overwhelming volume of returns, have contributed to a backlog in processing particularly for returns filed before February 13th. As a result, taxpayers have experienced frustration and uncertainty regarding the status of their refunds, with many left waiting for extended periods without clarity on when they can expect resolution.

Despite the challenges faced by the Michigan Treasury Department, efforts to mitigate the delays are underway with approximately 531,000 tax returns processed as of last week. These processed returns have resulted in refunds totaling a substantial $338 million indicating progress in addressing the backlog. However, as the tax season progresses and the volume of returns continues to mount, the department faces the ongoing challenge of balancing efficiency with accuracy in order to expedite the resolution of taxpayers’ concerns and minimize disruptions to the filing process.

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Michigan Treasury Department Addresses Tax Income Credit Check Delays, Assures Unchanged Tax Return Processing and Refund Timelines

The Michigan Treasury Department has distributed approximately 450,000 additional Tax Income Credit checks for the 2022 tax year providing financial relief to eligible taxpayers. However, it is important to note that there may be some delays in the distribution process. Despite these delays, it is crucial to emphasize that tax return processing times and refund timelines remain unchanged. Taxpayers who filed their returns electronically can anticipate receiving their refunds within 3-4 weeks while those who filed paper returns can expect a waiting period of 6-8 weeks. To provide convenience and transparency, taxpayers can utilize the Michigan eService platform to track the status of their refunds. This online portal offers real-time updates allowing taxpayers to stay informed about the progress of their tax returns. The Michigan Treasury Department recognizes the challenges presented by the delays but remains committed to timely and accurate processing of all tax returns. The department is dedicated to instilling confidence in its taxpayers and ensuring that assistance is readily available throughout the process. Taxpayers can rest assured that the department is working diligently to address any outstanding issues and facilitate a smooth and seamless tax refund process for all Michigan residents.

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