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Arizona’s Stance on Family Tax Rebate – A Battle Against IRS Ensues!

Arizona Attorney General Challenges IRS on Taxation of State Rebate

Mayes Alleges Unfair Targeting of Arizona’s Stance on Family Tax

According to KGun 9, Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes is suing the IRS over its decision on Arizona’s stance on family tax at the federal level. Arizona‘s stance on family tax rebates aiding taxpayers with dependents provided up to $750 per taxpayer. Mayes contends the IRS’s decision is arbitrary unfairly targeting Arizona residents contrary to other states with similar programs. The lawsuit seeks resolution before the tax deadline pending court decisions.

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Arizona’s Stance on Family Tax Rebate – A Battle Against IRS Ensues! (PHOTO: AZ Family.)

Arizona Taxpayers Advised Amidst IRS Dispute Over Rebate

Taxpayers are advised by the Arizona Department of Revenue to treat Arizona’s stance on family tax rebate as federal income and deduct it from state returns despite the IRS deeming it taxable at the federal level. The ongoing lawsuit seeks the return of unlawfully taken money if successful and taxpayers are encouraged to comply with current filing requirements for the ongoing tax year. Additional details about the lawsuit can be found on KGUN9’s website where the Arizona Attorney General’s Office contends that the IRS’s decision contradicts guidelines and unfairly impacts Arizona’s stance on family tax residents. The legal action aims to rectify the situation and ensure fair treatment for the state’s taxpayers.

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