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Maduro’s Deportation Ban Fuels Crime Concerns for US Communities

Challenges Mount as Violent Crimes Surge with Venezuelan Migrants in the U.S.

Maduro’s Deportation Ban Fuels Crime Concerns for US Communities (PHOTO: News10 ABC)

Maduro’s Deportation Ban Fuels Crime Intensify as Venezuela Refuses to Accept Its Citizens Back

Accoring to Fox News Channel, a troubling surge of violent crimes in the United States has been linked to Venezuelan migrants posing challenges for law enforcement in deporting them as Venezuela refuses to accept its citizens back. In one distressing case, Georgia nursing student Laken Riley was violently murdered allegedly by Jose Antonio Ibarra, an illegal immigrant from Venezuela released into the U.S. through parole. The NYPD in New York City is grappling with the activities of a violent Venezuelan gang, Tren de Aragua involved in numerous robberies and assaults, including an attack on two police officers. Despite the increasing crimes involving Venezuelan migrants, Maduro’s deportation ban fuels crime and has become more difficult as Venezuela rejects flights carrying deportees from the U.S. and Mexico.

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Deportation Challenges Rise as Venezuela Ends Agreement, Refusing Return of its Citizens from the U.S. and Mexico

The process of Maduro’s deportation ban fuels crime as a law-breaking Venezuelan migrants has become more intricate for the U.S. government as Venezuela terminated a deal that allowed the return of its citizens from the U.S. and Mexico. Venezuela’s refusal to cooperate with Maduro’s deportation ban fuels crime requests comes after the U.S. reimposed some economic sanctions. Despite efforts to improve relations, including lifting sanctions on Venezuela’s oil industry and agreeing to elections later this year the deal signaling U.S. attempts to address the issue has stalled and come to a halt. This situation complicates the removal of violent criminals residing in the U.S. Despite the rise in crimes, the Biden administration has deported only a small fraction of Venezuelan migrants who entered the country illegally.


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