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Michigan Man Convicted: Elderly Hunter’s Murder and Theft

Conviction Secured in Cold Case of Hunter’s Murder

Thomas Olson Found Guilty in Chong Yang’s Death in Rose Lake State Park

(PHOTO: Michigan Man Convicted: Elderly Hunter’s Murder and Theft)

According to True Crime Daily, in 2018, a 68-year-old hunter was found deceased at a Rose Lake State Park and his case remained unsolved until recently. Now, authorities have secured a conviction against an individual in connection with the man’s death bringing closure to this long-standing cold case.

Thomas Olson, 35 years old, was found guilty on February 22 for the murder of Chong Yang and firearm possession in the shooting at Rose Lake State Park. Chong Yang, a dedicated hunter, vanished on November 16, 2018 while hunting at the wildlife area. His family found him deceased with a gunshot wound to the head when he did not return home. Investigators used witness accounts and evidence like a plastic bag with hunting spray found near the scene to identify Olson as the suspect. Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel reported that Olson not only killed Yang at Rose Lake State Park but also stole his belongings including a headlamp, knife, backpack, and shotgun. Olson’s sentencing is set for April 8.

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Attorney General Nessel’s Hope for Closure Amid Dropping Charges in Hunter’s Murder

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel shared her aspiration that the guilty verdict against Thomas Olson for the murder of Chong Yang would bring comfort to Yang’s family and friends. Initially, Olson and Robert Rodway were both arrested in connection to the homicide and faced charges of felony murder and felony firearm possession. However, in September 2023, the charges against Rodway were dropped because of uncertainties related to the admissibility of evidence. During the investigation, authorities found incriminating messages on the phones of Olson and Rodway including a photograph taken in April 2020 at Rose Lake State Park where they were dressed in hunting gear. The caption accompanying the image stated “A couple of cold-blooded killers revisiting the crime scene.”

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