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UFC 298 Drama: Alex Volkanovski Slams Henry Cejudo’s Coach Firing as “Prick” Move

As UFC 298 approaches, featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski expresses disbelief and disapproval over Henry Cejudo’s decision to fire his coach, Eric Albarracin, publicly ahead of his fight with Merab Dvalishvili.

UFC 298 Drama: Alex Volkanovski Slams Henry Cejudo’s Coach Firing as “Prick” Move (Photo: Sports Illlustrated)

UFC 298 Drama: Controversy Surrounds Cejudo’s Coach Split

Cejudo’s departure from his longtime coach, Eric Albarracin, has stirred controversy, especially with Cejudo announcing the decision on camera during a UFC Countdown episode, drawing criticism for the manner of delivery.

Volkanovski expresses skepticism over the authenticity of Cejudo’s decision, questioning whether it was a marketing ploy or a genuine move, labeling Cejudo’s actions as disrespectful and questioning his character.

The UFC Featherweight Champion plans to confront Cejudo about the controversial decision at the upcoming press conference, expressing confusion and disbelief over Cejudo’s motivations and suggesting a lack of consideration for those around him.

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Implications for UFC 298 Build-Up

The public dispute between Cejudo and Albarracin adds an additional layer of intrigue to the UFC 298 event, potentially affecting both fighters’ mindsets leading up to their respective bouts.

Volkanovski’s outspoken criticism highlights the impact of personal dynamics within the MMA community and underscores the importance of mutual respect and professionalism among fighters and coaches.

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