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Dark Shadows in Vacationland: Maine’s 10 Riskiest Cities of 2024

Dark Shadows in Vacationland: Maine's 10 Riskiest Cities of 2024
Dark Shadows in Vacationland: Maine's 10 Riskiest Cities of 2024

Exploring Crime Challenges and Safety Tips in the Pine Tree State

In the midst of Maine’s breathtaking landscapes and friendly communities, certain corners of the state are grappling with rising crime rates. RoadSnacks delves into the data, revealing the 10 riskiest cities in Maine for 2024 based on the FBI’s latest crime report.

Dark Shadows in Vacationland: Maine's 10 Riskiest Cities of 2024

Dark Shadows in Vacationland: Maine’s 10 Riskiest Cities of 2024

1. Augusta: A Capital Struggling with Crime

Augusta, Maine’s capital, with a population of 18,653, faces challenges with higher-than-average crime rates, particularly in robbery, assault, and property crimes. Despite revitalization efforts, the city has experienced a gradual population decline since 2009.

2. Houlton: Small Town, Elevated Crime

Houlton, known for its low unemployment and strategic location on the US/Canada border, witnesses a higher crime rate than the state average, with larceny and aggravated assault cases contributing to its challenges.

3. Waterville: Rising Population, Rising Crime

Waterville, despite a growing population, contends with one of the highest crime rates in Maine. A significant number of residents earning less than $10,000 per year and high property crime rates pose challenges for this city.

4. Biddeford: Coastal Community Facing Crime Challenges

Biddeford, a coastal town, has seen a rise in crime rates along with its increasing population. While violent crime rates remain below the national average, property crimes, especially larceny, are a concern.

5. Auburn: From Shoemaking to Safety Concerns

Once a major player in the shoe business, Auburn now ranks as the fifth most dangerous city in Maine. With a population of 23,455, the city records a concerning 46 violent crimes yearly.

6. Bangor: Attractions Shadowed by Crime

Bangor, the third-largest city in Maine with a population of 32,179, offers attractions like a casino and museums. However, its crime rate, including 63 car thefts and 13 robberies, raises eyebrows for a city of its size.

7. Skowhegan: Art Scene Amidst Crime Concerns

Skowhegan, known for its art scene, faces a higher-than-average crime rate, primarily in property crimes. With 8,202 residents, the town recorded 226 cases of property crime in the last reporting year.

8. Lewiston: Diverse City, Rising Crime Rates

Lewiston, Maine’s second-largest city, known for its cultural diversity, experiences a recent surge in crime rates, making it the eighth most dangerous city in the state.

9. Presque Isle: Balancing Charm and Crime

Presque Isle, offering a mix of big-city amenities and small-town charm, sees a higher crime rate than the state average, particularly in car theft, larceny, burglary, and property crime.

10. Sanford: New City Grappling with Crime

Sanford, one of Maine’s newest cities, faces a high crime rate, particularly in burglary, property crime, and total crime. Despite positive aspects like excellent schools and job opportunities, crime remains a significant concern.

Safety Tips for Traveling to Maine:

  1. Avoid unnecessary display of jewelry or cash.
  2. Keep valuables out of sight in your car and engage alarms.
  3. Choose well-lit gas stations when traveling late at night.
  4. Be prepared for Maine’s winter weather.
  5. Enjoy iconic Maine food, like lobster rolls, while staying vigilant.

The Darkest Chapter: The Amity Triple Homicide

In 2010, the small town of Amity experienced one of Maine’s most horrific crimes – the brutal murders of Jeffrey Ryan, his son Jesse, and family friend Jason Dehahn. Perpetrated by Thayne Ormsby, the crime shocked the state, emphasizing the harsh reality that even close-knit communities are not immune to violent crime. The motive, a mistaken belief by Ormsby that Ryan was a drug dealer, underscored the senselessness of the tragedy, leaving Amity and Maine in mourning.

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