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2024 SSI Increase: From $914 Up to $1,415 Boost Per Recipient

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As February approaches, millions of Americans are eagerly awaiting their next Social Security Supplemental Income (SSI) payment, set to be disbursed on Thursday, February 1. The upcoming round of checks brings good news: the 2024 SSI increase from $914 to $943, reaching $1,415 for married couples.

2024 SSI Increase (Photo: Google)

2024 SSI Increase: February 1 Payouts

Beneficiaries of the 2024 SSI increase can mark Thursday, February 1, on their calendars as the day when the next round of monthly payments will be delivered. The consistency of the SSI schedule remains a crucial factor in ensuring recipients receive their financial support promptly.

In cases where the first falls on a weekend or holiday, recipients receive their checks on the preceding working day, maintaining the reliability of the payment system.

This February, the 2024 SSI increase will provide additional financial relief for millions of individuals and couples relying on SSI support.

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2024 SSI Increase: Maximum Benefit Hike

The maximum 2024 SSI increase is climbing from $914 to $943 for individuals and from $1,371 to $1,415 for married couples.

This upward adjustment aims to enhance the financial well-being of SSI recipients, reflecting the ongoing efforts to keep pace with the cost of living.

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